This book would not have been thought of without the support and instruction of Veronica Howard and D’Arcy Hutchings at UAA for being strong supporters of Open-educational resources and dedicated to faculty development. As a 2020 Textbook Transformation Fellow, I learned so much about creating and using Open-Educational Resources from them.

Thank-you to Eric Foley, without whom this edition would be filled with errors.

Thank-you to Tom Harman, chair of Quantitative Studies at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and Mark Fitch, chair of Mathematics and Statistics for allowing me the flexibility to use and develop open-educational resources for my courses.

Thank-you to my colleagues at UAA for the support and ideas during the process.

Finally, thanks to David Lippman, Melanie Rasmussen, Openstax, Jay Abramson, Milos Podmanik and all the authors of the source materials and the grandparent source materials.



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